What is ROSPA?

ROSPA stands for The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents.

The people at ROSPA are guided by their vision of a life free from serious accidental injury and it is their mission to exchange life-enhancing skills and knowledge which can potentially reduce serious accidental injuries.

The vision and work of ROSPA is drawn from their deep-rooted respect for life and all it contains – in particular, they reference the freedom of life and the potential risk of injury such freedoms may result in.

ROSPA exists to enable healthy, active lives through imparting skills and knowledge into anyone interested enough to visit their website and read their fantastic advice and guidance. They also continuously seek out reasonable limits to help ensure those unfortunate people who have suffered life-changing accidents can be can live their lives as unhindered and unburdened as possible in spite of their misfortunes.

ROSPA primarily concerns itself with offering a wealth of advice, information, resources and guidance on the prevention of accidents and injuries.

RoSPA Logo - Fit4Work are RoSPA accredited

Joining the conversation to take the rise out of falls.

Fit4Work has registered with ROSPA (The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) in the quest for taking the rise out of falls.

Training courses offered by Fit4Work place a great emphasis on preventing injury through imparting knowledge into care-professionals (Patient Moving Handling) and individuals (DSE). Our mission is to make you healthier and more productive at work through better knowledge surrounding your physical well-being. It made perfect sense, then, for us to become registered with and recognised by an origanisation such as ROSPA.

Additionally, all Pilates Classes hosted by sister company Physioleeds incorporate balancing exercises, including the use of foam rollers and other supporting equipment, all of which are geared around reducing ones chances of becoming injured through falls.

Future events focused around the prevention and awareness of injuries caused by falls will be posted on our blog and social media channels soon. In the meantime, checkout the great new video posted by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy on YouTube below.

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy – 6 Exercises to prevent falls

A new CSP animated video demonstrates how six simple exercises can keep people mobile and independent as they age.

If you’re interested in upskilling and improving your knowledge regarding the prevention of accidents and falls then please don’t hesitate to contact Fit4Work today.