IOSH Approved DSE Assessor Training Course Via Zoom

Course: One Day IOSH Approved DSE Assessor Training Course Via Zoom

Location: Wetherby, Leeds

Dates: 19th January 2024

Attended by: Ministry of Defence, Sheffield Hallam University, Turners Occupational Health,

During the pandemic Fit4Work started to use (and still does) ‘Zoom’ the world’s leading video conferencing platform to deliver their courses.

This method of training delivery provides flexibility, convenience, cost-efficiency and it only requires low internet speeds and therefore very is useful for people who work in areas at home with weak WIFI.

Although research suggests that we’re unable to concentrate for longer than 20 minutes at a time on a screen, Fit4Work has had very positive feedback from trainees who have attended their training courses.  This maybe because Angela Hinton the Director of Fit4Work is able to demonstrate her interactive teaching skills and share her 15 years of expertise in carrying out workstation risk assessments.

More about our IOSH Approved DSE Assessment Courses delivered online via Zoom:

  • Training manuals and end of course assessments papers (contained in a sealed envelope) were posted to the trainees via special delivery.
  • A couple of days before the course, trainees were emailed the Zoom link.
  • The number of people who attended the course were eight. Topics which were covered were the same ones covered in the face to face course, including video analysis of people working at their workstation. Please refer to the website.
  • Prior to completing the two end of course assessment papers the trainees were asked to close their training manuals
  • The end of course assessment papers (theory and practical papers) were emailed back to Fit4Work to be marked.
  • Trainees certificates were applied for from the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health and posted out to the trainees via special delivery from Fit4Work.

Face to face is a better option but Zoom is a very good alternative especially if trainees are not able to attend the course in person due to the cost or the inconvenience of travelling long distance, or if there is only the one person in the company which needs the training and it isn’t cost effective for Fit4Work to visit the company.  Please see below some of the feed back from the people who attended the course on the 19th January 2024.

“Learnt a lot, it’s been great, very useful indeed” – Karl Stenning from the  Ministry of Defence

“Very, very informative, refreshing areas which were rusty” – Charlotte from Turner Occupational Health

“Learn a lot, I’ve been going for physio on and off for years and I’ve learnt more on your course in one day than i have with my physio” – Caroline Higham from Sheffield Hallam University