Accredited Manual Handling Training Course

Our Manual Handling Training Courses are half-day courses delivered at your place of work.

Fit4Work’s knowledge of human anatomy coupled with our ability to identify the effects of high risk activities on the body make our Manual Handling Training Course unique.  As our trainers are Chartered Physiotherapists and have treated musculoskeletal injuries for many years, they are able to provide you with detailed information as to how injuries occur and how to prevent them.

The Manual Handling Training Course is theory-based and offers practical participation.

Who is the Manual Handling Training Course aimed at?

Manual Handling Training - Factory Worker Carrying Heavy GoodsOur Manual Handling course is suitable for any employee who may be required to handle, carry, or move objects as part of their job.

The Manual Handling Training Course will provide delegates with knowledge of basic manual handling techniques. When implemented, these techniques can reduce the chance of accidents and ill health and ultimately increase productivity in the workplace.

Manual Handling Training Course: Content

  • Manual handling regulations
  • The effects of careless and unskilled handling methods
  • Anatomy of the spine and the effects of bad handling techniques on the body
  • Video presentations analysing incorrect handling techniques
  • Core stability muscles: activating them to help stabilise the spine when lifting, carrying and lowering
  • Practical handling of loads to ensure good technique is learnt
  • Back care management: discussion, demonstration and participation of suitable exercises to promote and maintain a healthy spine while at work and at home

Manual Handling Training Course – Costs

The cost is £265 to train a maximum of 10 people at once. The cost includes training manuals and certificates of competence.

Please Note: the cost of Manual Handling Training may vary slightly depending on the travelling distance from the Leeds area. Please get in touch to learn more.

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Fit4Work also offers Manual Handling Instructor Courses

Manual Handling Training Course – Customer Testimonials

I found the training I received off Angela excellent, not only was she friendly and approachable but she also was able to deliver the information across in such a clear manner and answer any questions I had so that at every stage of the course I felt confident in my understanding”

– Jemma Scott from Ebsford Environmental Ltd, West Yorkshire

Having spoken to the team following the training they have all given excellent feedback.  Personally this was the best manual handling training I have been on.  You gave us all an understanding of not only how to lift properly but also how we are damaging our bodies if we don’t lift properly.  The use of visual aids helped in my understanding.  Unlike many training courses you had us up on our feet physically able to see for ourselves the theory behind what you were teaching us and you took the time to show us how we can safely lift items specific to our work.”

– Catherine Thornton, Environmental Health Team Leader, Craven District Council