Workstation Risk Assessments (Half Day)

Course: IOSH Approved Workstation Risk Assessments (Half Day)

Location: Skelmanthorpe, Kirklees, West Yorkshire

Dates:December 2023

Skelmanthorpe Doctors Practice contacted Fit4Work as they wanted all their office staff and GPs to have a workstation risk assessment. The director of Fit4Work, Angela, executed this task while the practice was closed due to staff training.

The time it took to complete an assessment varied between 20 and 30 minutes, depending on the issues raised and the equipment used. Due to the different job tasks of each employee, consideration was given to the equipment required to make working at their workstation as comfortable as possible. However, correct sitting posture was explained and demonstrated to all employees.

More about Workplace Risk Assessment Training:

When carrying out these assessments Angela considered the Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulation 1992, for instance, sections 6 and 7 states that you need to provide training and the information.  For instance, and as an example, she provided an explanation for why elbows should be positioned above the desk when she suggested it. What is the reason for the keyboard being 4″ from the edge of the desk? It is believed that by giving employees training and information, they can set up their own workstations correctly especially when they hot-desk.

When to take a break away from their workstation which comes under Section 4.

Section 5 of the legislation mentioned above, which covers the free eye-sight testing policy, was also communicated to every employee.

A list of recommendations and actions taken for each person was included in the assessment forms that were typed and emailed to the practice manager. Chairs and other suitable equipment were suggested for use.

To avoid creating excessive expenses, examples of equipment recommended and its costs from different companies were submitted.