Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, we’re now offering our Manual Handling: Train the Trainer course via Zoom video call.

As demand for home deliveries has increased during the pandemic, many companies are taking on new staff to pick, pack and deliver orders. It’s vital that your new employees know how to handle loads safely and correctly to prevent injuries and protect your workforce.

Our Zoom Manual Handling Trainer Training courses will equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to confidently deliver manual handling training within your company, whether it’s in person or remotely.

zoom manual handling trainer training

How will the remote Manual Handling Train the Trainer course work?

The remote training will be just as comprehensive as our face-to-face Manual Handling: Train the Trainer course and we can train up to 6 people on one video call.

As well as learning about the anatomy of the spine, the risks associated with manual handling and health and safety legislation, we’ll demonstrate efficient movement principles and the correct posture to adopt during manual handling tasks.

You’ll also learn about the best ways to teach manual handling techniques to others and the latest manual handling best practices.

We’ll email you the course materials prior to the training and arrange a time for you to complete your assessment (ideally around a week after your initial training).

The assessment will be a 10-minute individual presentation on a manual handling topic of your choice that you’ll include in your training for your employees. You’ll present this remotely to your trainer.

Zoom Manual Handling Trainer Training is here!

Get in touch to discuss costs and arrange your Zoom Manual Handling Train the Trainer course. Call us on 0113 350 1776 or fill in our contact form.