There are millions of office workers all across the UK, working long hours Monday-to-Friday stuck at their desks and engrossed in computer screens. This is a way of life that ensures many of us can put a roof above our heads. But in reality, this has damaging effects on our bodies. The human body is not meant to sit, immobile for hours and hours on end. We are built to move around, to exercise and to burn calories. Sitting down all day is unnatural – but there are ways of combatting the negative effects.

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For those who say ‘I haven’t got the time to exercise properly’ this blog is created for you especially! Because exercise is possible anytime throughout the day, whilst you are working, right there at your desk! Yes, deskercise is a thing and it is revolutionising the way we think about our working office lives. Routines can range from simple stretches to short and sharp bursts of sweat-inducing movement. The important thing is that you get involved. To help you along the way, we’ve devised a list of our top 6 workouts you can perform at work!

Conquer the Stairs

Conquer the stairs and you’ll master the workplace! If you have a lift or an escalator, forget about it! Stair-walking is a great way of boosting your cardiovascular fitness and keeping active whilst at work. This is also the best way of avoiding awkward small-talk in the lift! Many people practice step aerobics, using quick acceleration and the two-step rule to obtain that effective leg-burn. The two-step rule means you take two steps at a time. This makes you work twice as hard and use a lot more energy!

Squats and Jumps

These types of exercises are ideal for any environment or setting. There is no equipment or change of attire required. Plus, it’s a great way of releasing frustration or celebrating a win! Accidentally spilt coffee all over your paperwork or jammed the printer again? Do some star-jumps to release that desperate urge to curse out loud and calm down! Have you hit your target a lot earlier than expected this month? Do some celebratory squats and shake that behind to release your endorphins! The best part about these exercise routines is that you can mix it up a bit, trying any of the following:

  • Squat lunges
  • Squat raises
  • Broad jumps
  • Jump lunges
  • Lateral jumps
  • Squat jacks

Crunches After Crunch Time!

Crunches and sit-ups are also exercises you can perform almost anywhere. It doesn’t matter if you work in an office, a warehouse or on a building site – you can always fit in a quick crunch session. When you’ve had a long, hard week and your target is smashed, this is a great way of releasing your stress, tension and tiredness. Isometric crunches will help build your 6-pack and keep your inner-core toned and healthy looking.

Leg Raises

Do you struggle to find the time to stand up or move away from your desk? During extremely busy working conditions and when aiming for tight deadlines, it can often be difficult to squeeze in some time to exercise. Leg raises can be done whilst you sit down, underneath your desk where no one can even see! Whilst sat down, straighten one leg and hold it in place for 5+ seconds. Then lower the leg back to the ground, but without touching the floor, and then switch legs. Alternate between each leg for 10-15 minutes and never let your feet touch the ground! If you don’t feel the burn, try adding weight to your ankles for added work-out effect.

Jog On!

The obvious and perhaps most effective method of exercise on this list is to get up and go for a run. Avoid slogging away at your desk for hours on end, this is not healthy at all. You are legally entitled to breaks and you should take advantage of them all. Even if you just need to fetch a new notebook from the stationery cupboard – jog there instead of walking. Maybe you could use a portion of your lunch break to take a brisk jog around the campus of your workplace? Nowhere to run outside? No problem – try jogging on the spot instead! Pick up those knees for an extra burn!

Wall Surface Push-Ups

The last one on the list is the mighty push-up. Typically, push-ups are performed on the floor. However, not everyone is capable of performing a set of floor push-ups, whereas a wall push-up is much easier. Plus – the floor of your workplace may be incredibly dirty so we wouldn’t advise sticking your nose to it at least once a day! Place your hands against a wall and bend your elbows so your body leans as close to the wall as possible. Now push out to a standing position and repeat slowly and consistently. Another quick and efficient way of burning those desk induced calories!

Deskercise - Fit4Work Blog