For employees required to handle, carry, or move objects as part of their job, Manual Handling Training provides employees with the knowledge to carry out their work safely, mitigating the risks of harming themselves or others.

Arming employees with a rich knowledge of Manual Handling Techniques, this training also provides a clear bottom-line benefit for organisations too, ultimately increasing the productivity of their people.

This training is a product of government guidance introduced in 1992 for employers, managers and safety representatives, stipulating the need for employers to reduce the risk of injury from hazardous manual handling, so much as is reasonably practicable. Manual handling regulations also detail that employers are required to supply employees with training, which is deemed adequate if inclusive of:

  • Manual Handling risk factors and how these factors can occur
  • How to carry out safe Manual Handling, including good handling technique
  • Appropriate systems of work for the individual’s task and environment
  • Safe use of lifting and handling aids
  • Practical work to allow the trainer to identify and correct anything the trainee is failing to do safely

The Fit4Work approach

At Fit4Work, we deploy engaging and effective Manual Handling Training, transforming a somewhat dry topic into an enjoyable and developmental experience for all.

How do we do this? In part, by the deep knowledge of human anatomy and musculoskeletal injuries held by our trainers, all of whom are chartered physiotherapists. This knowledge and expertise helps our trainers bring the course to life, with the bodies of trainees the conduit for the training provided, creating an experiential feel.

Learners retain more when they’re engaged in their training, so we get employees up on their feet and into groups. Inviting discussion and role play, our Manual Handling Training Course is truly interactive, helping us deliver crucial guidance in a way that is both fun and reasonable to employees, and highly effective for organisations and their people alike.

Our Fit4Work trainers deploy training with a professionalism and experience that wins the respect of trainees, whilst ensuring room for personality to keep the atmosphere fun but focused, engaging yet effective.  This ensures our training lands as it should, generating lasting results, delivering value to employees and an accelerated return on investment for businesses.

In our training courses, no question goes unanswered. Fit4Work trainers are committed to deploying quality training and delivering results for all involved. Leaving no stone unturned, we ensure all trainees are confident in their understanding and application of the training.

Combining this approach with structured and well-paced content, our in-house, half-day, Manual Handling Training Course was designed to give organisations and their people more. We cover all the basics found in most Manual Handling Training, but delve deeper into techniques to mitigate the risks associated in Manual Handling, and incorporate the crucial elements of anatomy and musculoskeletal injuries we believe all employees handing, lifting or moving objects at work should know.

Manual Handling Training

The course covers:

  • Manual handling
  • The effects of careless and unskilled handling methods
  • Anatomy of the spine and the effects of bad handling techniques on the body
  • Video presentations analysing incorrect handling techniques
  • Core stability muscles and how to activate them to stabilise the spine when lifting, carrying or lowering
  • Practical handling of loads to ensure good technique is learnt
  • Back care management, discussion, demonstration and participation in suitable exercises to promote and maintain a health spine at work and at home

Costing just £265, this price covers the training of up to 10 employees, though prices may increase dependent on the distance of travel from our Leeds base.

Learn the Fit4Work approach

Our two-day, interactive Manual Handling Trainer Training puts the ability in your hands, to take our approach, and the knowledge we’ve distilled into this experiential course, and deploy it in the business you’re working in.

With the clear goal of confidentially deploying effective and engaging training in mind, our course will guide you there. Amongst other learning objectives, you’ll:

  • Gain new skills, knowledge and understanding of how best to train others
  • Review the current best practises in Manual Handling
  • Leverage your training to deploy the delivery of new skills throughout the workforce, saving your organisation Money, and much more

For more information about or Manual Handling Training Courses, or to get in touch to see how Fit4Work can help your business, contact 0113 350 1776.