Are you an office feeder?

Are you the wrecker of waistlines, the diet destroyer and the cause of all new year resolution setbacks?

Do you simply love to bake or bake to love? Using cake as a way of winning office friends? Putting them under incessant pressure to accept your delicious treats?

You may think you are doing the office a favour and being extremely nice by indulging them with your chocolaty traps and sugary deceptions. But now it’s time to stop!

The Office Feeder - Fit4Work

You naughty little office feeder!

What you provide may be extremely tasty and momentarily rewarding, but it also damaging people’s health. One of the most common causes of weight gain for office workers is the office feeder – you! In fact, professor Nigel Hunt from the Royal College of Surgeons, has argued that having too many sweet options in the office is fuelling our obesity and dental problems. Temptation in the working environment is preventing weight loss!

The government are also getting behind this idea, recently publishing a blog on the Civil Service website that challenges workers to be ‘mindful’ of the amount of sugary treats they bring to work as it has an impact on those ‘who have difficulty resisting’.

Look – We Get it!

We are not trying to be preachy here! We are prone to an odd slice of red velvet ourselves! We all are! When it comes to 10am and you’re feeling a bit peckish. The smell of cake, chocolate and baked goodies is wafting frequently passed your desk. The little table of goodies keeps piling higher and higher over the course of the day. Another task lands on your desk but all you can think about is a caramel chew and a hot chocolate.

Now someone’s brought in a whole fudge cake! Who wants to do work when chocolate fudge cake is here? We totally get it! As an adult, you should have some level of self-restraint and willpower. However, saying no sometimes isn’t an option, especially to a persistent feeder! Sometimes you feel bad for not accepting a treat that your colleague has baked especially for the team. You feel you have no choice in an ‘oh you’ve twisted my arm’ moment. This is why office feeders are bad!

Cake Culture is Killing Us!

This heading my seem a little harsh but it’s true. Cake culture has gone past birthdays, Easter and Christmas. It’s become an almost everyday thing – from the meeting room to the office floor – cake is everywhere! Offices look more like bakeries or cash and carries! All this at a time when the UK is about to face a national obesity problem. Collectively, we are eating way too much sugar, meaning we are becoming Europe’s fattest country.

Have a Break – But Don’t Have a Kit Kat!

The way to combat this is simple. Just stop eating junk and if you’re a feeder then stop encouraging it!

Swap sugary snacks for healthy ones – like carrots and humus. We all like a snack every now and then to get us through the day; just make yours a healthy one.

Alternatively, don’t eat anything at all aside from your usual breakfast and lunch. Take a break somewhere else instead; go for a walk with a colleague and have a chat. Most office workers eat through boredom and to break up the day – so just find another way to distract your mind for a while!