Manual Handling Train the Trainer Course

Company: Marshalls Mono Ltd

Location: Ramsbottom, Bury

Date: 23rd and 24th January 2024

Course: Two Day Manual Handling Train the Trainer Course

Marshalls Mono Ltd wanted to up date and standardise their manual handling awareness training across all areas of the company and what better way to do it than to have onsite trainers.  This means that in the long run it will save the cost of employing external trainers each year.  It would also enable training to be carried out as and when needed.  With this in mind Marshalls (Mono) Ltd contacted Fit4Work to provide them with their expertise in Manual handling train the trainer course.

More about the training delivered by Fit4Work

It was established that only a couple of the trainees out of the seven who attended the manual handling train the trainer course had delivered training sessions before.  With this in mind Angela the director of Fit4Work  who delivered the course incorporated various teaching methods that could appeal to various abilities for example small group discussion, case studies focusing on trainees existing work experience, quiz, video’s, powerpoint presentation and practical activities for instance, the efficient movement principles when handling loads.

Some of the topics covered on this course were as follows:

  • Reasons for managing handling loads
  • Legislation
  • Statistics
  • Anatomy
  • Correct handling principles
  • Risk Assessment
  • Efficient movement principles

On day two, after a lot of practice, discussion and guidance the trainees delivered a 10 minute powerpoint presentation, carried out a practical teaching session and a theory test.

The trainees also designed a lesson plan so that they could deliver training to the company’s employees more or less straight away.

Every one passed the course and commented that they had learnt an awful lot in two days.  It was advised that they deliver the training in two’s so as to give support to each other until they were fully confident.