Manual Handling Train the Trainer Course

Course: Manual Handling Train the Trainer Course Via Zoom

Location: Delivered Remotely via Zoom

Dates: June 2023

Attended by: 3 Employees at different James Jones  and Sons Ltd. locations attended remotely.

James Jones & Sons Ltd is a family owned and managed forest products company,  operating from 25 locations strategically located across the UK.  Three people from different areas attended Fit4Works Manual Handling Train the Trainer Course via Zoom.

All three trainees had experience in manual handling training but they wanted to ensure that they were delivering the same high standard to across the whole company.  The theory covered the following topics below:

Although research suggests that we’re unable to concentrate for longer than 20 minutes at a time on a screen, Fit4Work has had very positive feedback from trainees who have attended their training courses.  This maybe because Angela Hinton the Director of Fit4Work is able to demonstrate her interactive teaching skills and share her 15 years of expertise in carrying out workstation risk assessments.

  • Reasons for Managing Handling Risks – Discussion as a group after writing answers in their training manual.

  • Legislation – Conveyed by a discussion and a short video that highlights the key aspects of the relevant manual handling laws.

  • Statistics – Displayed and talked about the most recent musculoskeletal injury data from the Health and Safety Executives.

  • Anatomy – Demonstrating the proper alignment of the spine (with the help of a model) and the various ways that damage can occur to the spine, such as disc prolapse and arthritis.

  • Lever System – Illustrate how simple it is to put pressure on the lower back when managing loads that are too far forward from the spine by using a PowerPoint slide.

  • Efficient Movement Principles – The trainer provides an explanation and demonstration of each efficient movement principle which is later integrated into the practical aspect of the course.

  • Core Stability Muscles: Your Own Handling Belt – The trainer explains the importance of switching on the core stability muscles when handling loads.

  • Practical (Good Handling Practice) – Trainer to demonstrate how to organise a manual handling practical session with their trainees.

  • Back Care Management Exercises – How to prevent lower back pain and how to best treat your own lower back pain.

  • Risk Assessment – Video analysis of a manual handling activity: trainees then carry out a risk assessment using TILE.

  • Quiz – Trainees mark their own end-of-course quiz paper.

  • Designing a Training Course – Discussion with trainees on what topics should be included in their training session, the number of attendees, and how long it should last.

  • Lesson Plan – Designing and the construction of a lesson plan.

  • How We Best Learn – This is a useful exercise so trainees can appreciate the importance of using different learning material for their trainees for example: Visual, Reading, Audible, Kinesthetic (hands on approach).

  • Training Tips – What makes an excellent trainer?

“We thoroughly enjoyed the course.  Very clear and informative and professionally delivered.  Big thank you Angela.”  James Jones – Health and Safety Advisor