2 Day IOSH Approved People Moving and Handling Train the Trainer

Course: 2 Day People Moving and Handling Train the Trainer

Location: Zoom (remote), with Practical Session hosted in Leeds, West Yorkshire

Dates: November 2023

Attended by: One lady who was responsible for training the entire organisation attended the course.

Fit4Work shortened the course to two days instead of four because there was only one person on the course.

The theoretical aspects were covered on the first day while the practical aspects were covered on the second day.  The initial day was delivered using Zoom, and the practical face-to-face session took place in Leeds.

A venue in Leeds is able to provide Hoists and Slings (ceiling and mobile), Profiling Beds, Slide Sheets, Wendylett slide sheet systems, Stand Aids, Banana Boards, and Handling Belts for use by Fit4Work.


  • Reasons for managing handling risks
  • Statistics
  • Legislation which should be adhered to in the care setting
  • Dynamic the spot risk assessment and the Rapid Entire Body Assessment
  • Anatomy
  • Lever System
  • Efficient Movement Principles
  • Controversial Handling Techniques


  • Sit to stand by verbal prompting or using one or two people.
  • Stand and sit with verbal prompting or the assistance of one or two people.
  • Sliding forward and backwards in the chair (with the use of equipment or with the assistance of one person)
  • Walking with a patient with one or two people.
  • Prompting a patient off the floor with the help of two people through verbal instructions and assistance
  • Lying to sitting with the assistance of one or two people
  • Applying a slide sheet while the patient is lying supine
  • Log roll to apply the slide sheet
  • The use of a sling and hoist from bed to chair (using a ceiling and mobile hoist)
  • Banana board from bed to chair

End of course assessment included a theory assessment paper that requires a 60% pass mark, a practical assessment using two pieces of equipment, and a PowerPoint presentation.  Angela Hinton, the director of Fit4Work, employed her partner as a model for the practical sessions due to the limited number of participants on the course.  The second day was dedicated to practical work due to the amount of handling/transfers techniques that needed to be covered. The PowerPoint presentation was delivered to Fit4Work via Zoom the following week.

“Thank you Angela, the course was very informative and I learnt an awful lot.” – Beth Jenkins, Training Officer for the Welsh Ambulance Service NHS Trust