Manual Handling Train the Trainer Course

Course: Manual Handling Train the Trainer Course

Location: Peterborough & London

Dates: February 2023 and May 2023

Attended by: 4 x trainees at The JRL Group.

The JRL Group specialise in concrete constructions.  Fit4Work delivered their Manual Handling Train the Trainer Course to J R Reddington Ltd on two separate occasions.  Two trainees on both dates attended the course.

The following topics were covered on the course:

  • Reasons for Managing Handling Risks – Discussion as a group after writing answers in their training manual.

  • Legislation – Discussion and watching a short video outlining the pertinent points.

  • Statistics – Showed and discussed recent Health and Safety Executives statistics for musculoskeletal injuries.

  • Anatomy – Emphasising the correct alignment of the spine (using a model of the spine) and how the spine becomes damaged, including disc prolapse and arthritis.

  • Lever System – Trainer to demonstrate using the PowerPoint slide how easy it is to cause strain in the lower back when handling loads too far forward from the spine.

  • Efficient Movement Principles – The trainer provides an explanation and demonstration of each efficient movement principle.

  • Core Stability Muscles: Your Own Handling Belt – The trainer explains the importance of switching on the core stability muscles when handling loads.

  • Practical (Good Handling Practice) – Trainees will be shown by the trainer how to effectively organise a manual handling practical session.

  • Back Care Management Exercises – Ways to prevent and alleviate lower back pain.

  • Risk Assessment – Video analysis: trainees then carry out a risk assessment using TILE.

  • Quiz – Trainees are to mark their own end-of-course quiz paper.

  • Designing a Training Course

  • Discussion with trainees on what topics should be included in their training session, the number of attendees, and how long it should last

  • Lesson Plan – Designing and the construction of a lesson plan.

  • How We Best Learn – This is a useful exercise so trainees can appreciate the importance of using different learning material for their trainees for example: Visual, Reading, Audible, Kinesthetic (hands on approach).

  • Training Tips – What makes an excellent trainer?

“Thank you Angela, great course and learnt a lot”  – Attendee from JRL Group Ltd.

“Very informative; I really enjoyed your course” – Attendee from JRL Group Ltd.