OSH Approved People Moving and Handling Train the Trainer Course

Course: IOSH Approved People Moving and Handling Train the Trainer Course

Date: February 2023

Location: South Gloucestershire and Stroud College, also known as SGS College

SGS has six main campuses spread across Gloucestershire, Bristol and South Gloucestershire with over 4000 full-time 16–18-year-old learners, 2000 apprentices and 5000 adult students.

SGS work closely with many large and small employers to ensure their courses are designed to help students progress into employment.  Fit4Work was thrilled to be apart of their team delivering the IOSH Approved People Moving and Handling Train the Trainer Course to the teachers who are responsible for delivering Health and Social Care Course to a Diploma Level.

More about the Training delivered by Fit4Work at SGS

SGS created what looked like a real life hospital ward in the classroom used for the People Moving and Handling Train the Trainer Course.  It contained three profiling beds with screens around them.  Mobile hoists and slings, slide sheets and stand aids were also available.

Four teachers who were also health professionals (nurses in the hospital setting) attended the course.  A list of the topics covered on the course are shown below:

  • Why manage handling risks
  • Up to date statistics taken from the Health and Safety Executive
  • Legislation appropriate to the Health Care Setting
  • Risk Assessments (On the spot dynamic risk assessment)
  • Anatomy
  • Lever System
  • Efficient Movement Principles
  • Controversial Handling Techniques
  • Practical (sit to stand, stand to sit, moving patients up and down the bed, transferring patients off the bed and into a wheel chair or chair using the mobile hoist, prompting someone off the floor or using the mobile hoist, walking with a patient etc)
  • End of Course Assessments

Prior to student’s clinical placement it is necessary to check that students are capable of carrying out their expected role within the hospital/care home setting. Fit4Work therefore created a very useful moving and handling practical competency assessment form so SGS could evaluate their student’s skills and abilities for when transferring patients.

Fit4Work’s IOSH Approved People Moving and Handling Train the Trainer course provided clear aims and objectives. To ensure that the course was pitched at the correct level, reflection and discussion following each topic covered was carried out.